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David Howell is a loving husband, father to six amazing children, and has a passion to help others and serve his community. He is a Pro-Life advocate, Pro-2nd Amendment Rights, and understands that there are fundamental rights given to us throughout the Constitution. David will fight to protect our rights.

David believes that now is the time for us to join together and "Do More" for our communities, more for our business owners, more for our education system, more for our cities, and more for Arkansas.  


David knows we don't need another candidate who is running against something, we need someone who is running for something.

We need someone who will stand up for strong Christian values, and who will be the voice of the people when serving in the Arkansas House of Representatives. 

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Family Values

David and his wife Stacy have been married for twenty years. They have six children, Emma, Warnock, Katie, Ezra, Birdee and Charlotte.  They believe parenting starts in the home. They teach their children strong values, and encourage them to get out and serve their community. 

Through the years, David has volunteered in his community, through different projects and outreaches. He has also led teams from his church on mission trips throughout the River Valley, other states, and even to other nations.  

David has worked with local schools, non-profits, and other local ministries to serve the citizens of Pope County.  He and Stacy most recently served on the Board of Joseph's House, a local non-profit focused on implementing programs that sustain and create a positive impact on the everyday burdens of foster families and foster children.  


David graduated from Magnolia High School in 1997, and went on to attend Arkansas State University.  While at Arkansas State University, he majored in Political Science and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in 2001.  David and Stacy married in 2001, and he spent 12 years in the financial services industry, where he was involved with investments, retirement accounts, insurance, and other investment vehicles, as a Series 7 & 63 securities representative. He went on to serve with a regional insurance company as the Associate Manager for the East Texas, South Arkansas, and parts of Louisiana. 

David and Stacy moved back to the river valley in 2014, where he joined the staff of City Church (formerly Fellowship of Christians) as a youth pastor. He became the Campus Pastor in 2017, and he and Stacy were recently recognized as the newest members of the Elders team of City Church.  David attended Christ for the Nations Institute from 2016-2018, where he graduated with his Certificate of Biblical Studies.

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